Top Warning Signs of Bad Leadership and How to Fix Them

Good leadership is hard to come by, bad leadership is found around most corners. Everyone wants to be a great leader. They want to inspire colleagues and have a successful team that works hard and reaps the rewards. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. Worse still, you don’t always see yourself as a bad leader until you’ve been given the cold shoulder by your colleagues.

So, what warning signs shouldn’t you ignore and how can you fix them?

Making Colleagues Do Overtime While You Go Home

Technically, no employee is made to work overtime. That, however, doesn’t mean to say some can’t be pushed into it. One of the worst traits of bad leadership is overworking colleagues. While they’re doing a fourth night of overtime, you’re sitting at home enjoying the plaudits. It’s not right and not the sign of a good leader.

Instead, you need to be there with them and do your part. If overtime is a necessity, try to limit it to one or two nights a week or rotate it. Overworking your colleagues will burn them out and drop productivity. Instead, show them good leadership by taking some of the strain off them. Pitch in and rotate it so the work is distributed evenly across the floor.

Promoting Friends Over Those Who Deserve It

Poor leadership often promotes the wrong people. For example, a colleague is one of your most treasured friends outside of work. She and her husband are close to your family and you choose to promote her over another. Unfortunately, your friend isn’t up to the task and it causes friction at work.

Instead, you need to show good leadership and promote the person that is most qualified and skilled for the job. Remember, personal life should be kept outside work, whether you’re on a factory floor or in an office. You cannot promote someone undeserving just because they’re a friend.

Taking Credit for a Colleague’s Work

Everyone wants credit for the work they do but stealing it from someone else is wrong. It is not good leadership and colleagues won’t trust you. If you’ve worked on the project, then you should get praise for your efforts. However, when a colleague has done 99% of it and you neglect to mention them, it’s a stab in the back.

Instead, let your boss know who the credit belongs to. Say it was a joint effort or that your colleague had a valuable contribution to make. It’s sharing the praise and showing good leadership at the same time. It doesn’t hurt to move the limelight to those who are deserving of it as it’s a reflection of your good leadership.

Good Leadership Makes You a Good Leader

Good leaders get praise just as much as the people around them. You shouldn’t be afraid to share the glory with your colleagues if it was a team effort. Yes, you were there to push them along, but your team did the bulk of the work. So, give them praise and inspire them to continue the good work. What’s more, a good team reflects positively on you and your leadership skills